Sell your properties online!

Reach potential buyers in the Netherlands and Belgium
through the Second Home Exhibitions

Join the Second Home network

Second Home properties is a network of websites and media channels. Add your property to your account and it is displayed on multiple websites linked to all Second Home channels.

Private property advertisements

Besides properties from real estate agents and developers, it is also possible to advertise properties from private individuals.

Why advertising on Second Home?

Your property will also be listed on the websites of the Second Home exhibitions in the Nehterlands, Belgium and Germany.

Easy System

No skills are necessary to add your properties to this system. It is very easy and if you run in to problems we will help you out.

Multilingual listing

You can add your properties in different languages to the system. Problems with a certain language? Ask for our translations service!

Company profile

Add your company profile and inform potential buyers about your business. And yes we will display your website so people can contact you!

Choose your websites

Our network contains several websites in different countries. You decide on which domains your properties will be displayed!

Growing network

Our network is growing, and new websites in new countries are added time to time. Expanding your business opportunities!

Property presentation

All properties show the exact location on a map with a complete overview of all important specifications. Your company contact information will be presented, for an open communication.